What is the Best Pet for a Lazy Person?

Lazy people deserve to live too! I am a lazy person, so I was wondering, what is a lazy person’s best pet? Does it need to be walked? Does it need to be groomed daily?

Let’s be honest: We love pets, but they can need work, time and commitment, something some people aren’t ready to give. Have you ever imagined pets for lazy people?

There aren’t specific ones for this group. The thing is that these are very low maintenance pets that need the most minimal care and attention. Here are some of the best pets a lazy person can get and continue living stress-free.

5 Pets for Lazy People


All you need to do if you have fish is feed them once a day and occasionally clean their aquarium or tank. Even if you are away for some house, it is okay since they won’t miss your company.

You don’t need to walk these fish, trim their fins or shed a few scales. One of the laziest benefits of these lovelies is their calming benefits on observers.


If you are a lazy dog lover and need one, pugs are an excellent breed. These are the perfect option since they are as lazy as you or perhaps lazier than you.

Pugs are full of personality but don’t need much playtime. Since they are tiny, they quickly tire and will be happy to go for a walk once daily. Your pug will be loyal to you and try always to make you happy.


I love turtles because, like the lazy chaps, they enjoy sleeping. They have longer lifespans and are pretty independent. Don’t you think they are gorgeous to look at?

Turtles can be a little curious, and you might only need to feed them if you have no time to play with them. Have their water fresh with a few lounging rocks. Maintain the correct water temperatures, and that is all.

Guinea Pigs

Any little guinea pig will need fresh veggies and a clean cage with hay. Give them vitamin C supplements and water daily.

These aren’t fragile and easily trust humans. A guinea pig will interact with you. Also, they carry more minor infections and diseases.

Get one if you want companionship with minimal responsibility.


Did you know that Hawaii forbids you from having hamsters? It is the best pet if you are from elsewhere and are a lazy buddy.

These are low maintenance and only need feeding and cleaning their cages. Hamsters don’t need much attention since they love entertaining themselves in their cages or with toys.

Hamsters are tiny and occupy very little space. These are nocturnal animals, and you will need to have them in a separate room if you won’t be awake at the time.

Last Few Words

Have you ever thought about cleaning a pet’s cage daily, walking them twice or more times a day and given up? There is no need to. Here’s a solution: Get a pet as lazy as you are.

Such pets need little maintenance and attention. Apart from feeding them and occasionally cleaning their spaces, there is nothing more to do. I hope you find one from our brief description of pets for lazy people.