What is the Coolest Pet to Own?

What is the coolest pet to own? That’s a question that some people might be asking themselves. Sure, many people who already have pets are usually pretty happy about them, but it’s always fun to try and find something at least a bit tame.

The coolest pets aren’t necessarily exotic. These companions are fascinating to keep, and others don’t mind who is petting them. Both adults and kids will love them. But, the general rule of thumb is utmost care and love for them. Check out some of the cool options available.

Top 6 Coolest Pets to Own


Wallabies are tiny kangaroos and make fascinating pets. For these buddies to closely bond with you, you need to bottle feed them. These are easy to housetrain.

But, to be bubbly and energetic, they need to be in a securely spacious but fenced area. The joeys enjoy grazing and romping outside. They are naturally curious and will explore your space if unsupervised.


Ferrets are fantastic pets if you have more bonding time with them. These are naturally friendly, companionable, intelligent and quiet animals. But they can be very sneaky.

A ferret can entertain itself when no one is around. It can be mischievous if you aren’t careful and often get into trouble when unsupervised. These are natural hunters and might need more time to bond with other pets and animals in your home.

Also, you can train ferrets to perform amusing tricks.


Hedgehogs are tiny creatures that are slightly low-maintenance. Their diet consists of insects, fruits and vegetables. They enjoy dog and cat food from time to time.

When getting a hedgehog, find a young well-tempered one. It should also be tame and healthy. These animals are pretty nervous and roll into balls when you threaten or pick them up.


Pet chipmunks mightn’t play fetch similar to Fido. But they dazzle humans with tricks. Sometimes, they might love to perch on you.

These are high maintenance pets but are lovely companions. Chipmunks need human contact, especially when very young. They enjoy spacious areas and a wide variety of meals.


I know there are millions of nocturnal humans, but of pets, chinchillas fall in the group of night lovers. These are low-maintenance, odourless, quiet and with gorgeous soft fur. When you handle them from a younger age, they get tamer.

Chinchillas love warm environments, dust baths, and consistent eating. Give them grass, hay and pellets for meals. They need different toys to keep them occupied since they are incredibly playful and active.

Sugar Guilder Squirrels

Sugar guilder squirrels are some of the coolest pets you can have. They are incredibly social and from the tiny marsupial group. These are popular in North America and are nocturnal like chinchillas.

These squirrels bond with their owners from a young age. They are very vocal and can glide through the air because of their thin skin between the front and hind legs.


I know that some of the animals above are new to you. But to some, these are companions and some of the coolest pets. A few are low-maintenance and fantastic options for busy chaps. Others need more attention but still make excellent pets. When getting a pet, can you go out of the norm (cats, dogs, fish)?