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How To Choose the Best Pet Bed for Your Dog & Cat

Pets are big sleepers. In fact, puppies, kittens, and older or large pets can sleep up to 18 hours a day. Therefore, it is evident that the bed is one of the most essential elements that must be considered so your pet can enjoy good health.

Now, you may be wondering, “Which pet bed should I choose for my cat or dog?” The market offers many options, but choosing among them can be confusing. What shape should it have? What is the best material? Should I have one bed for winter and another for summer? What type of filling is the most suitable?

In this article, we resolve all these doubts and give you some useful tips for choosing the best pet bed for your dog or cat. Take note!

What Should a Pet’s Bed Be Like?

If you are wondering “how to choose your pet’s bed?” you should know that the age, size, character, or position in which your pet normally sleeps are some of the aspects you should consider when deciding. But also, it is recommended that you opt for a quality pet bed that lasts longer. Otherwise, it will end up breaking down in no time, and you will have to buy a new one.

Factors To Consider When Sourcing a Pet Bed for Your Dog or Cat

Below, we leave you a few essential tips that you should consider before choosing the ideal bed for your pet, thus guaranteeing that your faithful companion enjoys maximum comfort, whether day or night.

Pet Size

It is important that the bed adapts to the size of your pet. Keep in mind that if it is too small, it will feel uncomfortable, while if it is too large, it will not be cozy or give your pet the necessary security to sleep peacefully.

Ideally, the bed should be a few centimeters taller than your pet so that it has enough space to lie down and be comfortable, both in length and width. Don’t worry if your pet is very large, since in specialized stores, it is also possible to find large beds for large breed pets.


Another critical aspect when choosing a pet bed for your dog or cat is the material so that he feels more comfortable and can enjoy quality rest. But it is also important that the bed can be easily washed so that your furry friend can always be in a clean bed, free of parasites or microorganisms that could harm his health.

The posture in Which the Pet Sleeps

The position your pet adopts when sleeping is also important. If it rolls into a ball, the best option is to opt for a round bed, while if it prefers to sleep stretched out, choose a rectangular bed.

Bed Filling

Some of the most comfortable options are viscoelastic and memory foam, which adapt perfectly to the pet’s body. In any case, it is always recommended that the foam be of high quality so that it lasts longer and prevents bad odors from adhering.

Ease of Access

If your pet is older and not as agile as before, has joint problems, or is young and still afraid of heights, it is best to choose a low, open pet bed that can be easily accessed without jumping.

Climate of the Area

If you live in a city where the climate is hot, the pet bed should not be the same type as if it is cold. In fact, depending on the area, it may even be convenient to have a bed for each time of year. In summer, the ideal one is to opt for cooling mats and mattresses, while in winter, materials such as plush will keep your little one warm.

However, there are also beds with insulation for heat and cold or reversible pieces to adapt to the weather throughout the year.

Where To Put My Pet’s Bed?

When promoting the rest of our beloved pets, it is essential to know how to choose the type of bed and where we will place it. The first thing to keep in mind is that dogs and cats are very sociable animals, so they enjoy being with their family. Therefore, the ideal is for the bed to be located in the room where we normally spend the most time.

However, it must be remembered that they tend to be fairly light sleepers and can wake up quite easily, especially during the day. For this reason, it is recommended that, even if we place the bed close to us, we do so in a place away from the passage of people and where noise does not prevent them from falling asleep.

Furthermore, although dogs are capable of regulating their body temperature naturally, almost all breeds begin to feel cold when the temperature drops below 10°C. Therefore, it is essential that we do not put their bed in a place that is too cold or where there are drafts. We can also opt for a heated pet bed in this case.

If he sleeps outside, you can get a pet tent to ensure he does not get too much sun and is safe from low temperatures and rain. Furthermore, ideally, the bed is made of a resistant and waterproof material.


Choosing the right bed for your pet is an important decision that should be based on an understanding of the pet’s individual needs. Don’t forget that, just like us, pets value a good rest, and providing them with a cozy and appropriate place contributes significantly to their well-being and happiness. You can check out varieties of quality beds available at the Whisker Wonder Store!