The Best Water Fountains for Dogs
The Best Water Fountains for Dogs

The Best Water Fountains for Dogs

Your dog must always have access to pure, fresh water for drinking. Water is essential for good health, and your dog will prefer cool, refreshing water all day long, just as you wouldn’t want to drink from a glass of water that has been sitting about for hours.

Research has shown that animals prefer to drink from sources of moving water than those with stagnant drinking water. Their forefathers, who instinctively understood that moving water is much safer than still water, left them with this inherent inclination.

Additionally, water that is moving or running naturally becomes more oxygenated, improving its flavor and allowing it to stay cooler than water that is presented in a bowl. Many dogs hate drinking from bowls, so they only do so when it is absolutely necessary. If you think your dog isn’t getting enough water, providing a fountain almost always encourages better drinking behavior.

The best approach to give your dog access to fresh water is through a pet water fountain. Invest in a fountain that filters the water to keep it clean, cool, and free of dirt and debris because dogs are particularly sensitive to the toxins we put in our drinking water.

So, in search of the Best Water Fountains for Dogs, we combed the market.

When choosing the Best Water Fountains, we took into account the following factors:

Size: Of course, size is an obvious consideration when choosing a dog water fountain. Every day, a healthy dog drinks between 1/2 and 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight. That means your 50-pound dog can easily drink 50 ounces of water each day, and much more on hot or dry days or after exercise. When looking for a fountain, take your dog’s size into account and choose one that is big enough to not require frequent refilling.

Materials: Fountains usually exist in numerous styles and materials, including glass, ceramic, stainless steel, and plastic. While some fountains employ waterfalls to entice your dog to drink, others use recirculated pond-like water.

The Best Water Fountains for Dogs
The Best Water Fountains for Dogs

Filters: To reduce contaminants and improve the water’s natural flavor, many fountains use detachable filters.


Appearance: The appearance of the water fountain does affect the decision to buy, even though it is not the most important factor. We evaluated whether your home would look nice with our top choices.

The top choices are…

  1. Petsafe Drinkwell Sedona Dog and Cat Water Fountain

Advantages: By keeping your dog’s water supply clean and tasty, the best dog fountain will motivate him to drink more water. Additionally, it should be economically priced, well-made, visually appealing, and easy to maintain. Your needs are completely met with the Drinkwell Sedona Dog and Cat Water Fountain.

Disadvantages: Although the replacement filters are reasonably priced, the manufacturer suggests changing them every 2-4 weeks, and cleaning the fountain necessitates some (simple) disassembly.

  1. Dogit Design Fresh & Clear Dog Drinking Fountain

Advantages: The Dogit Fresh and Clear fountain is affordable and functional. The 200-ounce water reservoir in the BPA-free plastic fountain is available (great for multiple dog homes). It has a triple-action filter that cleans the water your pet drinks for 30 days. Additionally, the Dogit Fresh and Clear Fountain only forces filtered, flowing water to the surface, unlike conventional water bowls. This prevents your dog from drinking contaminated water that is present below the filter. Furthermore, the pump has always been a whisper-quiet workhorse whenever we’ve used Dogit water fountains.